Monthly Archives: October 2012

Jim Gilliam: a web of faith

“The internet is my religion.” The internet may be many different things to different people; a time-waster, a digital blockade for interpersonal connectivity or a platform through which damaging ideas are capable of spreading like wildfire — but not for Jim Gilliam. Gilliam, co-founder of independent production company Brave New Films and CEO of NationBuilder says […]

Through Izzy’s eyes: independence in a time of media strangulation

Izzy F. Stone, radical independent (radical in his ideas and in his publications), was a man controlled by no one. In an age where advertisers and political propagandists controlled most publications’ content, Izzy’s newsletter, I.F. Stone’s Weekly, remained clean. Stone, a self-proclaimed “anachronism,” prided himself on being a solitary soldier in the battle against censorship. […]