“News 21”

news21_logo“News 21” is without a doubt one of the most comprehensive multimedia and news sites that I’ve ever encountered. What’s even more incredible is that the content is produced entirely by talented journalism students. The “National Projects” section of the site could have been put together by some of the country’s best journalists, and I probably would not have been able to tell the difference. I think it’s incredibly important for the future of journalism that sites like this exist to provide fledgling student journalists a template for launching their own careers as ethical, informed news gatherers.

My first thought scrolling through the site is that it reminded me of a more personal, non-profit, college-level Poynter Institute.  It provides valuable tools for student journalists and serves as an outlet for furthering their careers. It seems incredibly easy to sign up and get involved with the site, unlike many other corporate-run news outlets that advertise student internships, yet offer very few.

The only thing I think the site could work on is its layout. The links are a bit confusing; when I clicked on one of the “National Projects,” it brought me to another site that looked like a completely different website entirely. I think if they organized their multimedia sections a little neater, the site would be a little easier to navigate.

Here’s another example of a great student journalist outlet:  http://www.journaliststoolbox.org/archive/news-industry-sites/


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